Ruxcon Black Bag

Date Saturday 24 October
Time 1:00 PM
Location Lanai Bar


Your two-person team is to carry out a "black bag" sneak-and-peak mission. The subject of this mission is a foreign High Value Target (HVT) with access to highly sensitive intelligence regarding Unmanned Underwater Vehicle (UUV) technology. The HVT is travelling to Australia to meet with a potential buyer. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to find the HVT and obtain intelligence regarding the UUV technology (e.g. capability, technical specifications, materials/technology used, cost) and the identity of the buyer. This mission has been designated as covert - all activities must take place undetected and you must leave no trace. Senior management has approved this operation under the codename “CROCODILE.”


DeepSea Dynamics is an Israeli-based company that has developed a new Unmanned Underwater Vehicle (UUV) using cutting edge sonar cloaking technology. The new technology is unique in that it uses sonar interference to render the UUV essentially invisible to standard detection techniques. Details of the new technology have been kept highly confidential and its existence was only identified by chance through a third party data leak. The DeepSea Dynamics’ Sales Director is travelling to Australia to meet with a potential buyer for the UUV prototype. The ability to reproduce such technology and know the identity of those who seek to purchase these UUVs is deemed highly valuable.

Mission Target

Target:  Tom Fonda
DOB: 07/12/70
Place of Birth: Tel Aviv
Height: 192 cm
Education:  Masters of Business Administration, Harvard University
Languages Spoken:  English, Hebrew, German
Relationship Status:  Single
Interests: Wine collecting, yacht racing, military history

Mission Instructions

The HVT is scheduled to arrive in Australia on 23 October.  We will arrange delivery of your infiltration kit to the Citiclub Hotel, where it is believed the HVT will be staying for the weekend.  Do not try to contact us. We will, of course, deny all knowledge of your existence should you be caught.  

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The challenge

In the Blackbag challenge you play the role of a spy, on a mission to steal top secret documents, both paper and electronic. Imagine yourself on a typical James Bond mission (minus the tuxedo, martini, guns, explosions, fast cars, razor bowler hats, baccarat, etc.). This video will give you some idea of what to expect:  Ruxcon will be live-streaming the Black Bag challenge to the bar for all to watch.

Teams of 2 people are encouraged. Skills that may be called upon during the challenge include:

1. Lock picking (and other physical bypass techniques)
2. Forensics 
3. Tradecraft

The Blackbag challenge is a points-based competition. The majority of points will be gained by achieving the goals of your mission, to obtain copies of the sensitive documents. Bonus points will be gained through the use of stealth, speed, cunning, and through leaving no evidence.

All equipment will be provided. The only thing you need to bring is your skills and eagerness! Fun will be had, regardless of your skill level.


Riskoffensive have kindly donated the prize money for this year's Black Bag competiton. 

  • 1st Place - 2 x HackRF One



Register for the Black Bag Challenge by sending an email to blackbag with the following details:

  • Team name
  • Team members names (upto 2)
  • Contact email address
  • Contact mobile number (will be used to notify teams to begin their challenge) 

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